1. Ya gotta eat, Bill!

  2. blazepress:

    Volcanic Selfie by Andrew Hara

    Joe vs the volcano.

  3. G force spot

    (Source: dolce-vita-lifestyle, via livin-the-good-life)

  4. Only time will tell.

  5. If you look closely, you’ll notice that this is a photo of the world’s biggest balls. Shot by Scott Serfas.

  6. Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!

  7. Anybody know who makes this?

  8. Private beach? No. Bryana Holly’s beach. Shot by sirneave.

  9. 30 knots? No. 30 why nots. Palmer Johnson 48m SuperSport as seen on theyachtguy.

  10. Keep us safe, boys.