1. burnedshoes:

    © Robert Bösch, 2000s, Klausenpass, Switzerland

    This photo is part of his book 'Moments' / Benteli Verlag:

    "Born in Switzerland, Robert Bösch ranks among the most celebrated landscape photographers in the world. Nature and especially mountain landscapes have always had a magical appeal to him. In 2001 he even scaled Mount Everest.


    This book presents a selection of his most striking photographs, taken in the course of his numerous journeys across all seven continents. The images show that not only the extreme conditions of the Himalayas or Patagonia offer remarkable motifs, but that unique locations can be discovered right in one’s own backyard.

    Landscape pictures often only reveal themselves for a few seconds before vanishing again – Robert Bösch is a master at recognizing and capturing these images with his camera before they are lost forever.”

    Hanging by a thread.

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  2. mpdrolet:

    Garrett Grove

    Take the plunge.

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  3. fiorenn:

    Israeli MD-500 Lahatut helicopters modified with TOW missiles and electro-optical sensor turrets over the Dead Sea 

    Salty birds.

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  4. Fatherland!

    "Noble Falls" by Kate Jackson for Sony World Photography Awards

  5. Motherland!

    "Communist Spaceship" by Martin Smith for Sony World Photography Awards.

  6. onlysupercars:


    No ‘rraris allowed.

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  7. Pebble beach. 

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  8. Looks like I need new tires. Again. @miss_alyssaarce shot by @sashaeisenman.

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  10. When I turn to evil, this will be my lair.

    Stamp House by Charles Wright Architects.