1. Pebble beach. 

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  2. Looks like I need new tires. Again. @miss_alyssaarce shot by @sashaeisenman.

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  4. When I turn to evil, this will be my lair.

    Stamp House by Charles Wright Architects.

  5. the-actual-universe:


    Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia, has been enjoying relatively frequent aurora. This fantastic image titled “Air Traffic” was snapped by Jason L. Stephens (Photography) on 27 August, 2014. 

    This particular spot is quite close to the Launceston Airport. “I noticed the plane coming into land from a fair distance so timed the start of the exposure the best I could…..only had one chance!” Jason commented.

    Check out some other Tasmanian aurora images that have just been turned into postage stamps that were featured in our last article.


    Image Credit and Copyright: Jason L. Stephens Photography (see tag link above or visit http://www.jasonlstephens.com.au/) Nikon D800, Nikkor 14-24 ISO 3200 20 sec exposure at f2.8

    Skid marks.

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    A car the moment before it hits the water.

    Hang on, I think I left something in the car.

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  7. Row row row your boat.

  8. Italian SciFi.

  9. The Confederacy is not dead. 

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    Perfect timing. 

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    Sky. Shot by Richard Silvera.

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